Is chocolate decreasing and my thoughts on Cadbury choc packet reduction

As you may have noticed the last time you bought a Cadbury chocolate – your box may be looking mighty smaller. Actually it may not even feel smaller – but if you look at the weight you will see that it is indeed a smaller weight than usual. The truth is that not only has chocolate been harder and harder to get a hold of – nationwide – but the average size of a chocolate bar has been decreasing also.

There was a video and analysis done of how chocolate bars keep getting smaller and smaller – especially the world famous chocolate bars.

Do you remember when Snickers was touted as a way to help you feed your hunger – but how can you feed your hunger with the small Snickers bars that they have now? Chocolate is on a decline – just like bees – and it is something that is not discussed much.

The idea that sometime in the future chocolate may be a luxury only enjoyed by the rich is something that seems incomprehensible – especially considering the fact that these days you can buy a huge chocolate bar for $2 or so from Woolworths. But make no mistake – the supply of cocoa is dropping.

Cocoa is what is used to make chocolate – and many chocolate companies actually use what could be construed as slave labor to get their chocolate to consumers. The life of a cocoa farmer is not the best.

So this brings us back to those smaller chocolate bars – what do we say about chocolate companies – and who and what do we support when they engage in dodgy business practices. They sell us love and joy on chocolate boxes – and pump us full of sugar – but really we shouldn’t be the ones complaining considering we are the ones who are looking for that sugar.

Sugar is not good – but smaller chocolate boxes are worse! Next time you go and buy some chocolate take a note of how much grams is in the packet you’re buying – so that when they shrink the packet you’ll still remember how many grams you were paying for – because believe me they won’t tell you they shurnk the packet when they do – and they will keep doing it as much as possible to see how much they can get away with!

It is interesting what the legal precedent would be for something like this – as far as its interaction with the public – and whether the public need to be updated outside of simply changed the grams of the box. Especially if the box is still of the same bulk. You can find out more here from a criminal lawyer.

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