Nutrition: Health Impact Of Organic Foods

Eating organic foods has become more of a health trend nowadays, but not many people know of the benefits attached to eating them. It’s not just that organic produce offers more benefits, but eating produce that isn’t grown with the same standards can lead to health problems. Animals that are raised using conventional methods are at risk of high exposure to antibiotics, which can cause harm to those who eat their meat. Comparatively, eating organic meat and dairy products can drastically reduce this risk.

A study by Environmental Health Perspectives showed results that a large number of people were exposed to organophosphorus pesticides because of the foods they consumed. Research shows that children who are exposed to such chemicals are at risk of developing autism. While most people complain that the produce is smaller in size and quantity, no one can deny that organically grown foods like tomatoes are more flavorful than conventionally grown ones. They also contain more lycopene, which is the cause of the red color. Studies show that it can lessen the risk of getting a stroke for the people that consume larger amounts of it. If you regularly eat organic foods and know its benefits then you should test yourself and your knowledge.

Other standards include using methods that promote soil and water preservation. While using natural fertilizers is allowed, but the resulting produce should be 95% free from additives to be certified organic by the USDA. Growing foods organically requires more than refraining from the use of chemicals like pesticides. Farmers that intend to start growing organic produce will have to meet soil requirements so the food is USDA certified. To grow organic produce, soils should be kept free from all disallowed chemicals for a period of three years.

Conventionally grown foods also pose a greater risk of causing liver damage due to the use of pesticides that contain cadmium. Although organic foods are exposed to the harmful chemical while packaging, it is still in lesser quantity. Studies show that although conventionally grown produce may contain more protein, its organic counterparts are richer in antioxidants. To learn more about the benefits of eating organic foods visit the HealthIQ website.

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